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Luxury Vinyl Types in Florida

Luxury Vinyl Types


The world of luxury vinyl flooring continues to expand, and with such expansion comes a skyrocketing amount of choices. Making a final flooring decision for your home or office can seem a grueling process, for this reason, but not to worry. Our onsite experts are always here to help you navigate the world of luxury vinyl plank, tile, and sheet vinyl.



Indeed, at Carpet One Floor & Home of Central Florida we’re extremely well-versed in this topic, and with one of the region’s most comprehensive inventories of luxury vinyl and other flooring products, we can help you find exactly what you need. But in the meantime, here is a quick, handy guide to the world of luxury vinyl flooring.


Sheet Vinyl


Sheet vinyl has been around for quite a while, but fortunately for many of us, this affordable flooring option has improved tremendously in recent years.  Thanks to modern-day advances in digital imaging technologies, sheet vinyl boasting some very convincing, hardwood and stone inspired visuals is readily available. An economical flooring option that’s become a favorite of property managers, sheet vinyl won’t break your budget when you have a very large area to covers. It is moisture-resistant, and can be installed in a manner where very few seams are visible.


WPC Vinyl


WPC, or wood plastic composite flooring, is a particular type of luxury vinyl flooring that is fully waterproof. Available in many different styles, including both tile and plank form, WPC is exceptionally sturdy flooring that is particularly popular in commercial settings. It also works well in bathrooms or other moist spaces within your home, while providing very realistic hardwood-inspired designs. WPC is great for heavy usage, and is very easy to care for.


Rigid Core Vinyl


Rigid core is another hybrid luxury vinyl. With a sturdy core at the center of these enduring planks, there’s very little that rigid core can’t handle. It coexists freely with water, foot traffic, splashes, and spills. Designs are available in many of your favorite nature-inspired textures, colors, and styles.


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